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Varroa resistance can maintain after one generation of free mating

Couple days ago, I received a message from Stefan Luff. Stefan is the breeding coordinator of the Buckfast Group Bavaria in Germany.

Daughters of my breeder queen B160(JL) were free mated in Southern Italy with Horst Preissl and Johannes Neuburger drones. Two daughter queens were then sent from Italy to be tested in commercial beekeeping operations for two years in Germany.

Quote from Stefan’s e-mail: ”Two offspring queens B56 and B49 imported from Italy had after one year untreated and used in his professional beekeeping in the production of honey, only slightly more than 3% infestation of mites at the end of September in 2019. They were both also very calm and very much honey!”

This is important and encouraging news!

In order to become mainstream, varroa resistance breeder queens need to be so good, so thoroughbred, that their free mated daughters can handle mites in commercial operations.

Juhani Lundén,

Lundén Resistant Queens



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